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Kalea A4 Cabina S

Kalea A4 Cabina S

When you are looking for an easy solution, the Kalea A4 Cabina is an excellent choice.

The lift can be installed in existing buildings as well as new buildings with minimal modification to the building required which makes it far more cost effective than a traditional lift solution. The Kalea A4 Cabina is an ideal solution for residential blocks.

The lift itself comes in small packages, which facilitates transport through narrow passages.

The shallow pit depth is just 70 mm, and the lift can even be installed straight on to an existing floor. Based on our tried and trusted platform technology, the Kalea A4 Cabina offers all the advantages of a cabin lift. If fitted with folding doors the lift can be operated by automatic control. If the lift is equipped with light curtains, it is operated by hold-to-run.


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